My introduction to this beer was a blank unlabeled bottle, as it was one of the first batches of its now: famous IPA (Indonesian Pale Ale) and I was sold.

The Birth

Meet Lowlander Beer the genius idea of Frederik. He fell in love with botanicals and brewing whilst working in the UK in a Gin distillery. All of these just sparked his curiosity into seeing what would happen if you would put these into beer, as he basically grew up in beer.

Whilst doing research and knowing a bit of the history of the Lowlands . Who are recognised globe travellers who brought home not only exotic plants, but also spices and fruits, that the Amsterdam breweries started using in their process and this little fact gave birth to the idea of Lowlander.

Beer and Jenever

Did you know that there where nearly thirteen breweries on the Rokin alone back in the 1600’s just dedicated to creating taste and character to beer and jenevers. Which brings us to their latest adventure.

I had the pleasure of trying: an IPA Jenever. A joint adventure between Lowlander and Wynand Fockink, the oldest, still working liquor and jenever distillery in the Netherlands.

Together they decided to give this crazy project of using an IPA and its distilate and make a Jenever; a try. Loads of tasting and distilling showed them the way to the perfect blend of the botanicals in the IPA; blended with Jenever which is mixed in with a malt base of wheat and juniper. 38% alcohol light and with a perfect hint of the botanicals. A definite must. You can get your own special edition here. Be fast there is only a small batch!!

To celebrate this we had the longest Kopstootje on record. With ofcourse their lovely IPA and the new Jenever.

Kopstootje (the Little-Headbutt) is the most sophisticated way of enjoying a shot with a beer. Wynand Fockink serves some beautiful mixes with Lowlander beer year round if you want to give it a go.

The Beers

Lowlander IPA

This is in truth an Indonesian Pale Ale. Brewed with white tea (the moonlight version) and coriander seeds (giving it its citrusy spicy flavor). The main key to making this one so perfect is balance. This way you can taste the beer and the botanicals and the hops. Making it Lowlander’s crew favorite and many more around the globe.

Want to know more on what they have been brewing? Check it here.


As you see all these beautiful labels you might wonder what does it all mean. Why am I looking at a monkey?


Many sailors would return to their local port, such as Amsterdam, and swiftly blow all their cash in the local taverns. In fact, they would often find themselves penniless with extravagant drinking debts which they couldn’t pay off. Not the sort to let such a minor inconvenience cause them any troubles the cheeky sailors would settle their debts by giving the tavern owners monkeys which they had acquired during their travels. Yep, that’s right, they used monkeys as currency.

Read more

If after all this ; you are feeling thirsty…

Have a kopstootje and try one of these amazing Lowlander beers. Just drop down to Wijnand en Fockink.

Cheers & Happy Summer


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