Old Amsterdam

Hidden in between a pair of streets up in the North: lies the remains of a late medieval settlement on the Waterlandse Zeedijk. 

Large sections of the Dyke still run through the urban parts of Amsterdam North.

Nieuwendam was founded after one of the dykes broke in 1514. Starting to trade grain and peat the settlement developed into shipbuilding and repairing.

The Nieuwendammer Sluishuisje (lockkeeper’s house) was one of the first buildings dating from 1565.

All houses are made of wood so that the dyke can hold.

It makes for a perfect lovely stroll on a nice summer day. Half way through your walk you can stop at cafe het Sluisje and walk around the old building and have one of the local brewn beers.

Once you are passed het sluisje look out for number 300-308 these neo classical houses were build by Johan Joerg Metzer a famous physiotherapist who used to run his practice in the Amstelhotel. He got the grounds from a Swedish Princess for his famous patients to recover from treatment. 

If you are a bit more adventurous you can take a bike ride and go past the dyke and bike to Durgerdam. It’s a lovely ride. Make sure to take a break and stop at Landmarkt, a nice organic store, to stack up for a picnic along the way. 

Durgerdam was founded back in the 1400 and used to be an important port for the Zuiderzee. Many a famous Dutch captain came from this village. Adrian Jakobsz commanded the Batavia for the VOC, of which you can see a replica in Lelystad. Surrounded by water and beatiful 1600 wooden houses you can take a swim or just relax. 

Tip: In summer you can take a vintage ferry from the 8th of June to the 15th of October. To take you over het Ij. Every Sunday. The first trip will stop and drop you off at Durgerdam. From there you can walk back to the city and take in all the beautiful views along the way. Making the last leg of your journey the Nieuwedammerdijk. For times and schedule have a look here.

Tip 2:  When you come out of the Nieuwedammerdijk cross the street and you will find “ijskoud de beste” and treat yourself to one of their amazing icecreams . 

How to get there:

Take the bus 32 or 33 and get off at “merelstraat” and follow the Map. 

If by bike take the ferry from CS to Pontplein/Ijplein and just follow the route.


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