The Hoxton Amsterdam: All your wishes rolled up into one.

Granted I will admit it: I have expensive taste and love beautiful things. Im sure by now many of my friends will be happy with my admission. However this is good news for you: dear readers. As I find you the nicest places around town. 

I used to work on weekends so, I found myself hunting for places I could work, chill and meet my friends, that did not involve tedious coffeeshops.And also offered the class I love at a good price. Since a year the Hoxton has become my to go spot. Im even thinking of just renting a room for the night even if I live in this city.

Brunch? Cocktails? Sleep? A place to meet or work? Or just have good coffee? This place has it all, plus a slick & lovely staff.

I used to walk past for almost 14 years always wondering what would happen with these beautiful houses, hoping they would be restored to their old glory. The Hoxton has done just that. The interiors and the design and the painstaking respect that has gone in to restoring the “monumental rooms”, the beautiful restored ceilings,the gorgeously exposed beams; infuse a sense of coziness and give you a feeling of what it would be like to live, canal side, back in the days.

It is more than just a hotel. The lobby and Lottis Café Bar & Grill make you feel like you are in a world of it’s own. With lovely buzzing public places to meet up and a stylish interior to match with it. The perfect spot for brunch on a Sunday in the buzz of the city center. Some of my favorite things on the menu are: the eggs Benedict, the wild boar stew and the side dish of mac & cheese.

Also their selection of cocktails is a great addition to brunch or any given day. Have a look here for all the scrumptious food they serve. 

How about sleeping?
Made up of five historic canalside townhouses on the Herengracht. You will find yourself in the perfect location: the gorgeous city center of old Amsterdam. Great views and all in within walking distance. Many of it’s famous museums easily in reach plus they have a fleet of bikes for guest use.

All rooms come with the Hoxton treatment: That’s free water, WiFi, one hour of free calls to anywhere in the world, a mini fridge for you to stock from their lobby shop with local products at supermarket prices and a daily breakfast bag filled with snacks from Stach (a local healthy shop).

There are a 111 rooms that come in all shapes and sizes. Cosy, roomy, shoebox fruity and more. Catering to all sizes and budgets. Offering beautiful perks like double baths, exposed wooden beams, most have a canal view. 

For an amazing experience check out their Fruity and Floral which are their grandest rooms in the house, fit for a Mayor (and actually were back in the 17th century).

Tip: apart from all this coolness they also host events of all sorts. Having attended a few I can tell you it is worth it, learned a lot in a great location. For example learn how to build a camera, join a gym session, yoga classes and more. Sign up to their mailing list to stay up to date.

Booking info

Adress: Herengracht 255, Amsterdam

Prices room: ranges between € 99-340.

More details here.


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