A box full of love: cropbox.

I love food. Not in the way of: stuff your face with it. I love good food: when it has healthy ingredients, rich flavors and evokes feelings. Thats what happened to me on a Tuesday afternoon surrounded by a group of amazing chefs from all over the world. I was sitting in this beautiful old basement surrounded by laughter, a sprinkle of sunshine and a magical box.


When I opened my box it was pure delight a proper healthy lunch made just for me and build like a forest. I almost did not dare to eat it,so pretty, but hunger won. Rich earthy tastes filled my mouth of summerkraüt, hummus, Japanese mushrooms as I listened to the stories of our chefs and I was sold.

The thing is if you are anything like me, busy work days no time to take care or prep food however looking for some healthy solution. Than this is the answer to your prayers: the cropbox. Homemade in Amsterdam in a sweet kitchen under the train tracks lies the place where these guys do their magic. And a big plus: you get your lunch deliverd at work what more would you want. Meet the gang who puts all that love into your box:


Dom is the creative/chef/artist genius behind this baby. In her own words: I dream of feeding as many people on this planet the best possible lunchbox experience they’ve ever had; and also leaving the planet in a better state than I found it.


Im not vegetarian however I do believe that meat is a luxury and should be eaten only once or twice a week. Plants are more than sufficient to be nutritious and make a well filled meal. Which makes me love this box so much as it also teaches you, about good food and leave a healthy footprint on the planet.


Tempted? Here are some basics.

  • All ingredients are plant based.
  • Gluten free & Lactose free!!
  • It’s a surprise themed box, of course you can check in and skip in case of allergies.
  • You can pick which day you’d like to receive your box based on your schedule.
  • Boxes get delivered on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s and as an extra now on Wednesday’s there is Asian box!!! Delivery is between 12 and 1pm. Pick ups are allowed between 12-16pm. If you live nearby.
  • It’s homegrown in Amsterdam so your giving yourself good loving and the locals.
  • I am sure you are wondering how much so much goodness costs?
  • It’s €9 per box including delivery.
  • 10 boxes at a time and you get 1 free! Thats 81 euros well spend and less than that awful AH salad you buy everyday and costs way more and no love poured in to it.

Go give yourself some love and get yourself some soulfood.


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