Apple & Tomato

Just like every xmas you are running around wondering; what to buy as a unique present and what on earth are you making for dinner,snacks… Food

The joy of festivities and it's mayhem ….

We believe in supporting the locals and we found the perfect little local to help you out with both. Apple & Tomato.

Homegrown in Amsterdam a small group of friends are bringing you: a collection of organic, natural, and specialty food brands. We have sampled some and we definetly know what we will be getting for christmas.

Our favorite is the Piuma sparkiling wine ,which taste better than most Champagnes. And which, heads up to all friends: will be what you are having for Christmas and New Year.


They offer a broad selection from wines, to herbs, pastas,olive oil and more. Plus to top it off they also have a gluten free section.

Tip: checkout these cute little pasta kits for give away to your culinary nerdy friends.


They deliver or you can pick it up in the heart of the city center. What more do you want?

Treat yourself to good food and drinks: find it here.

Or type:




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