It’s all about the shawls

It is winter so it's important to stay warm.

Time to sort yourself out with a good scarf that also shows your personality.

I've never before bought a scarf worth more than €5 however life changed when I discovered:

POM Amsterdam.

Born an bred in Amsterdam by two great sisters: Liesbeth and Violet , the brand has been growing at a quick pace since their start-up in a small atelier.

Some History

Liesbeth worked for the Hema purchasing textiles for interior design. After 4 years she decided it was time to do something for herself.

Always having loved fashion & textiles she felt there was something missing in the market with regards to a good quality & affordable shawl.

And thats how the foundations started for POM (Piece of Mine). Amsterdam was added later in the design of the logo as the girls are from here.

She made her first one, after a trip to England & with the amount of compliments she received she started making more.

By 2010 she thought & thankfully decided to make a big collection of scarfs. She enlisted her mum (help with sewing) & sister Violet ( a graphic designer) who designed the logo, they set up a stand an the rest is history.

They have an Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter collection & in between they keep adding more designs.

Things I love an you should too

The collection is of such a great variety you can find scarfs for all sort of ocassions. They even have their own textiles woven now a days !!

The design is so smartly engineerd you can wear it in all sorts of ways.


All scarfs have a piping around the borders which stops your scarf from unraffeling.

Their Limited Editions are a joy for the eye as well which could be a joined effort with an artist,charity or more. Like the beautiful silk one's they made for spring.

Or how about their latest one: a beautiful xxl scarf that you can wrap all around to keep you warm this winter in style.

How to get your hands on one:


They are also available in selected stores.

Or if you are in Amsterdam visit the X-mas Pop up store.

The Pop up store is there more often during the year so make sure to check out the website for dates.



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