Legends of Amsterdam

There are many myths that tell us about the start of the city of Amsterdam.

However there are two that come closest to what would be the truth, this is one of them;

According to the myth Amsterdam arose at the spot where the river Amstel flows into the open water, the IJ.

The location was found by two Frisian fishermen and their dog who where shipwrecked and promised to build a city on the land they would find. After their promise and during that night the storm raged and they where lost and fell asleep; to be woken in the morning to find the sun shining and their little boat having touched land at this little spot.

Map of Amsterdam circa 1400

In the early 13th century a settlement of fishermen and farmers started. To protect their new homes and the land behind the settlement against flooding the first residents laid a dam in the river Amstel. This gave the town its name: Ames Tello Damme to Amstelredamme to Amsterdam

The IJ with Amsterdam in the Distance- Charles Leickert 1849

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