Free architecture

There are so many treasures in Amsterdam that sometimes we don’t even realize the beauties available like : the Zevenlandhuizen (seven land houses)

Lined up near the beautiful Vondelpark district in the Roemer Visscherstraat you will find a fine selection of world architecture, each house represents the architectural style from a European country:

  • Nr. 20 Germany, romantic
  • Nr. 22 France, Loire-castle style;
  • Nr. 24 Spain, a Moorish/Granada influenced villa;
  • nr. 26 an Italian Palazzo;
  • Nr. 28 Russia, a cathedral with an onion shaped dome;
  • Nr. 30, a Dutch house in renaissance style;
  • Nr. 30A an English-styled

Dutch architect Tjeerd Kuipers created all the designs in 1984. The commissioning party was the rich banker San van Eeghen who was eager to bring the charm of remote locations in Europe closer to Amsterdam. This was how the idea came about to build seven houses representing seven countries.

How to get there?

Roemer Visscherstraat 20-30 1054 EZ Amsterdam


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