A Little local gem thats the only way to define locals.

We run into this place whilst dragging ourselves through a proper lazy saturday and we just had to stop and look.

The store in itself is already gorgeous but it just gets better once you discover all the local treasures.

Because thats what it is a treasurebox of local art and designers.

@ Locals you can find great fashion accessories, especially by local labels of fine quality, which have been made in a sustainable manner.

All products have a story and with an innovative concept but build with old fashioned craftsmanship.

Brands like:

  • Label 3 who recycle leather and turn it into beautiful bags.
  • The lovely handmade jewellery of Sugarz Jewellery
  • And our favorite for which we are saving our cash for: the teardrop by onzin design.


With €10 you can already find yourself a nice little unique souvenir.


Spuistraat 272‎ Amsterdam

Opening hours:

Monday 13- 18 hr
Tuesday closed
Wednesday through Saturday 11.30 - 18 hrs
Sunday 12- 18 hr

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