Royal seal of approval

Remember when letters used to be the only way to communicate. For centuries we used paper as our main form of communication and the truth is we kind of miss it.

We thought we change that and make ourselves kings and queens; dare to be different in the style of the middle ages and crown your self with a royal seal of approval.

How you might ask? Design your own seal,write a letter and seal and send it off. We know we will as we are in the mids of our own design.

Getting curious well check out Posthumus in the city center and revamp redesign your letters with your own stamps or seals. With a Royal seal of approval from the Dutch Monarchy , they have been at it since june of 1865 , at the same location. So your visiting history as well. The front of the store is build out of wood and glass lead windows

There is something for everyone, waxseals,hobbystamps,name plaques and more. Just go and enjoy and find your own style.

For €15 you already have your own wax seal with your initial and yes you can also get your own design however the price will vary on that one.

More details just click on the name here Posthumus




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