Two for Joy

Well we all know sometimes we do not want to stay home,
yet you still need to work or study ;
just the sofa and living room is not it.

Now yes, we do have the Coffee Company here in Amsterdam
I for one am not such a fan: coffee and service both lacking
in most of their locations around town.

Guess what ?
We found a little kingdom ” Two for Joy”
that understands the concept; offering both
great snacks/food and proper coffee: hell they even know how to make
proper ice coffee/latte ( ice cubes,espresso shots,milk)

wifi, most food is gluten free and they have a little quiche to die for.
Also all food is produced or brought in by the locals.

PS did I mention the little terrace here at the Haarlemmerdijk. 

They roast their own coffee and offer a wide range for you
to purchase for home or as a pressie, truth is , it tastes great !!!!!!
And our street smells awesome when they roast.

With around 8€ you already have a nice ice coffee and a yummy slice of quiche.


Haarlemmerdijk 182

Frederiksplein 2


Ma- Fri
7:30 am to 7 pm

Sat -Sun
8 am to 6 pm



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