De Bierkaai


We all know the dutch love beer and for over centuries they have been importing and exporting it to the world.

Not much has changed since the heydays so we thought we share some amsterdam history and a free walk

The Bierkaai (beer quay ) was the quay in Amsterdam where the barrels of beer arrived and the porters
who worked there  would then load and unload the heavy barrels of beer.

The  Bierkaai was part of the Oudezijdsvoorburgwal, located near  the Old Church (oude kerk).

The inhabitants of this part of Amsterdam were known as invincible fighters.
Which created the dutch proverb ” fighting against de bierkaai”  : meaning you are setting yourself up for a hopeless cause.

Its a great stroll to see one of the oldest parts of town and great landmarks of the ancient city of Amsterdam.

We have added an old painting for you to take with you to compare.

How to get there:


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