“alcohol doesn’t solve any problems… but then again,neither does milk”

author unknown 

We have been attempting in the most futile way to proof our knowledge of the alcoholic beverage; in this particular case: Beer.

In its simplest form ,and in the attempt, we got a little carried away; we have discovered that even though it doesn’t solve any problems it’s worth trying.

Personally I favor the strong beverages (whiskey,tequila,vodka) and what some like to call a sissy drink “cider”  yet I developed a taste for beer at the start of the Rietveld Academy and haven’t let go of it.

Heineken just doesn’t do it for me the taste alone sends shivers down my spine.

So getting to the point; Amsterdam is a good place to be as it has a few homegrown brewery’s where you can find some nice beer.

This time around we are having a little visit to Brouwerij ‘t Ij, my favorite !

What can you get?

One very important fact is that we love the organic lifestyle so what better way to have you alcohol served in the same way : The Natte, Zatte, Columbus and Struis are 100% organic.

Most of the beer that is brewed all 300,000 lts of it are mostly finished in the add their own pub and if not you can find the bottles that leave in your local health store.

The beer is brewn at Funelkade same location as the pub.

Brouwerij ‘t Ij was founded by Kaspar Peterson who learned the art form of brewing beer from our southern neighbours. Truth is we never met any one who says no to a belgian beer.

A selection of their beers:

One of my favorites: 

An amber coloured “special” with lots of hops and alcohol.

In their own words: This is a beer for beerlovers. And before you start 9 % alcohol

Zatte 8% alcohol

The first ‘Brouwerij ’t IJ’ beer Kaspar brewed:

An acclaimed golden yellow triple beer velvety, smooth, aromatic and full–flavoured.

If this doesn’t get you feeling like you need a beer and a boiled egg (yes they serve boiled eggs) than we don’t know what to tell you.

Important details:

Location: Funenkade 7, 1018 AL Amsterdam

Opening hours pub: 15 -20 pm and always busy

Tours: yes both for groups at reasonable price and there is a free guided tour every Friday and Sunday at 16.00 of the brewery if you would like to see it and your not part of a group.

Price: 2,50 euro for a glass of pure joy

More info :


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