Well with all the free stuff you will be doing you also need to fill your belly and we are taking you on
a journey to Basque Country and Cantabria.

As most people do know about Cantabria we thought it would be time to educate you a bit on

The Basques as an ethnic group, primarily inhabit an area traditionally known as the Basque Country , a region that is located around the western end of the Pyrenees on the coast of the Bay of Biscay and straddles parts of north-central Spain and south-western France.

What many people don’t  know is that they have one of the most amazing kitchens in the world.
And its time you taste it !!!!!

La Oliva is owned by the Dutch/Spanish couple Yvette Barents and Hoz Alfredo Castillo. She is the hostess and takes care of the interior and design whilst Hoz cooks up amazing food as the Kitchen Chef.

Apart from Pintxos they offer a great selection of Spanish wine and a great menu if you want to order a proper plate of food.

What are Pintxos then?

Typical snack of the Basque Country, “pintxos” consist of small slices of bread upon which an ingredient or mixture of ingredients is placed and fastened with a toothpick, which gives the food its name “pintxo”, meaning “spike.” Pintxos are usually eaten as an appetizer, accompanied by a small glass of wine or beer .They are very common in the taverns of the Basque Country, and in other areas heavily influenced by the Basques, such as Cantabria, La Rioja, northern Burgos and Navarre, where a variety of pintxos is usually served on a tray at the bar.

What can you expect of the Pintxos at La Oliva:
Here is just a few we had:

  • Eggplant filled with ham and cheese and a bit of pancetta on top
  • Green asparagus wrapped in ham with a raw tuna truffle mayonnaise on top of course of a great piece of bread

The ingredients are high quality and they have some of the best Spain have to offer.
All Pintxos are served at 17 pm and you pick which one’s you want and they will be served warm.

The restaurant finds itself in the heart of the Jordaan offering seating inside and outside on the little sidewalk. Together with an open kitchen, a great interior and a fantastic staff it is the perfect place to go and unwind.The place is always busy and if you want to make sure you have a  table make a reservation.

Apart from the Pintxos there are options for Lunch and Dinner as well.



  • Each Pintxo is 4 euro
  • Wine a bottle starts at 22,50
  • A glass at 3,50
  • With 12 euro you have some Pinxtos,some wine and a happy belly

Menu’s and more details:

Egelantiersstraat 122-124, 1015 PR Amsterdam
tel. 020 3204316

Opening hours:

  • Mon to Thu 12.00- 22.00 uur
  • Thu – Sun 12.00 tot 23.00 uur
  • Sunday 12.00 – 22.00 uur

Doors are closed at 1 am


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