Get your classic Freak On !!!!

Some cringe at the idea others believe that its the only true music.
And there are some who like me believe all music is great.

What are we talking about: Classical Music.
The birth of all our music today . Metal did not just come into the world by miracle
there were centuries and centuries of geniuses and musicians who got us here.

Some of the pieces are over 300 years old and they touch the human soul
the same way it did centuries ago.

Amsterdam celebrates classical music ,the summer and its canals each year in :
Het Grachten Festival

You can not miss the experience whether you love classical music or not.

The GrachtenFestival marks the opening of the annual classical music season. The first festival was organized in 1998, around the Prinsengrachtconcert and lasted three days. Meanwhile, the festival has grown into a 10-day event with over 120 concerts in special locations (downtown), Amsterdam.

The biggest event is the Prinsengrachtconcert which is free for everyone.

Every year from all over the world and the Netherlands of course people come to see this free concert which you can see either by sitting in the overpacked streets or on a boat at the Prinsengracht itself.

You can see world class artists for nothing example:

  • Luciano Pavarotti
  • Ylang Ylang (which was a pleasure to the ears)

This year the performers will be:
Top Dutch soloists:

  • violinist Tim Kliphuis
  • cellist Pieter Wispelweij
  • pianist Ronald Brautigam
  • soprano Eva-Maria Westbroek

There comes also a very special instruction with it:

The end is always a new version by the final top soloist performer of what might be; my favorite dutch song.

” Aan de amsterdamse grachten” with an amazing version by the great Dutch cabaretier ” Wim Sonneveld”

So you better practice for it will be sung by you and all present its a magical moment of love for
Amsterdam (starts at 50 s):


It is an experience you can not miss.

How do you prepare? Well yours truly packs a full picnic with some proper champagne and with a group of friends you sit on the shore and enjoy life and music.

There is so much more to do than that :

  • Prinsengracht concert for children ( Free as well )
  • Concerts in houses -gardens all over Amsterdam
  • The amazing opening

To much to name !!!


Program tickets etc:

From the 12th till the 21st of August

Free concerts and paid ones check the program

Ponton in front of the Hotel Pulitzer
Prinsengracht 315-331, Amsterdam

Date & Time
Saturday August 22, 2009
Support programme: 8.00pm
Main programme: 9.30pm

Be on time to secure a spot with your boat or on the shore !!!! It will be packed,Amsterdam&cid=0,0,3409668880115791281&z=16&iwloc=A&output=embed
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