Cinema Paradiso


I have always had a love for foreign film since I was little.
My whole movie collection is made up out of french,spanish,chinese and more.

The typical movie you would not be watching in the Pathe.
However what people seem to forget that from all the corners of the earth all we did since the day man came into the world is tell stories by the campfire.

Movies in a way have taken over that concept they are the stories told by our ancestors in a modern twist with pictures and I for one love them as well.

Cinema Paradiso is one my favorite movies seen it over and over a reminder of what a magical world film is.


Wondering why I am talking about foreign film and campfires and people getting together?

That’s because there is a place for you to go and for free and enjoy some of the best the world has to offer right here in our own backyard.

Im talking about world cinema amsterdam open air for a few days in august you can enjoy and watch the best latin america -asia and africa have to offer in a open air cinema for free.

Enjoy a nice hot summer evening in August with strangers while watching a movie on the big screen in the open air.

The program:

500 chairs available however there will still be place on the plaza so bring your own or a blanket and join the gang.
come early because apart from the movie there will be live music and food and all sort of stuff to do.
When the sun goes down the movie starts :)

Movies all new

  • Almanya
  • Salsa Tel Aviv
  • Circumstance
  • Tropa de Elite 2

Like the idea?
Here are the details

Marie Heinekenplein – De Pijp – Amsterdam

17th of Aug till the 20th of Aug

Entree fee:

Grotere kaart weergeven


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