Calabria Trade


Today we have a different option than what you guys are used too.  An internet store however its based in Amsterdam so we have decided that it counts and it basically covers the things that we love.

Good biological food and italian.

Welcome to Calabria Trade a lovely provider of all that is good from Italy. It all started with its owner : Salvatore.

Living  in Italy and Switzerland has give him the best of both worlds when looking for food. It is almost his birthright to be part of the culinary world and make no mistake I have had the luck of tasting his cooking and just like the products he offers the food he makes is exquisite.

If you want to get closer to some proper quick cooking there are some recipes on his website as well for free !!! There is tips on making pizza,focaccia etc

The onlineshop you can place your order via mail.But its not just about food it is also about art- wine and live in itself.

You can find some really nice weekend offers in beautiful locations in Italy itself of course its a luxury break as that is what one needs.


What can you get?

  • Wines
  • Pestos
  • Marmalade
  • Oil & way more

More information?

Check out the website :


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