Ok so what if you have no cash there is stuff to do in town
you can visit the city archive and stroll around the huge treasury.

The City Archives is the historical documentation center of the city of Amsterdam 35 km archives, a historical collection with millions of topographical maps, drawings, and prints, an extensive library and sound, film and photo archives.

They hold the archives of the city government and private institutions and companies that have anything to do with Amsterdam. They make the archives accessible so everyone can consult the documents. All knowledge about Amsterdam in the archives to find out we bring in publications, exhibitions and events.

The Treasury has two floors, with the character of an upper gallery. In the Treasury are the originals from the archives and collections. In the cozy room showcases stand up and the drawers containing the documents. A visit to the Treasury will take you very close to the people who witnessed sometimes moving, decisive moments in the history of Amsterdam.

Three hundred of the most attractive, unusual, valuable and moving Treasures from the archives, selected on the basis of 24 themes such as Love, Death, Power, Fame, and Vanished Amsterdam. And what do Rembrandt van Rijn, Charles Darwin, Karl Marx, Anne Frank, Queen Beatrix, Johan Cruijff and Theo van Gogh all have in common? The answer: you can find all these famous names in the Treasury. In the Treasury’s large safes or ‘kofferkluizen’ you can also see short films, stereo photographs, autochromes (early colour slides) and the City Archives’ very latest acquisitions.

There are also special exhibitions or PDA to provide you with a little tour and those will have cost involved. However believe me when I say there is enough to do in the Treasury and all for free. And the building in itself which used to be a Bank is  worth a visit in itself.

Admission: Free

Adress Vijzelstraat 32
Phone: +31 (0)20 2511511

Opening hours Tuesday to Friday: 10 am – 5 pm
Saturday and Sunday: 11 am – 5 pm
Closed on 30th of April (Queens Day)



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