The place we are talking about today is a concept in Amsterdam.

If you tell a Amsterdammer “oesters van Nam Kee” you can bet they know where you are going.

Nam Kee is a great chinese restaurant with several venues in town. And a hotspot for every local in town.
When you come there without reservation be prepared to stand in line for awhile and we are not talking 5 minutes.
It’s BUSY !!!

However the food is worth the wait; if you cant stand the wait you can also get some take-away.

The menu is of a great variety offering pork, fish,beef,chicken and vegetarian meals.
One thing you have to try and what they are famous for
are their oysters of which I’m not particulary a fan however these are worth it.

Jasmin tea is for free
They are celebrating their 30th anniversary so pay attention for there will be some great offers and celebrations.20110628-115804.jpg

10 euro will already get you a meal

Location of my favorite venue
Zeedijk 111 – 113
1012 AV Amsterdam

Phone so you reserve
T: +31 20 6243470




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