By now we have already introduced you to some
great places to eat some good burgers however
we believe we have now found the pinnacle.

A homemade hamburger like no other and in all honesty
the best I ever ate.

Say hello to the Brooklyn Burger:

We tested it out with around 10 of our peeps and none of them complaint all of their plates looked as follows once finished:

What is a Brooklyn Burger?

It is a” good food “project started by artist,graphic designer and wanna be chef Omar T Pasha.

The part of wanna be chef he can skip because in all honesty this burger is as good as it gets.

What do you get?

He has meat and veggie burgers so for all there is choice.

The burgers are made from fresh, 100% beef or freshly minced vegetables + served on a bed of fresh spinach on toasted Ciabatta bread.

The beef burger is topped with cheddar cheese, pickles, tomatoes + red onions.

The veggie burgers are topped with mozzarella cheese + red onions. Both are served with crisps

Hungry already?

Extra information so you can fill your belly:

Location: Monday + every Saturday at Cafe Struik (Rozengracht 160) in Amsterdam

Time: from 6pm-10pm, while supplies last. Tip HUrrY and be on time its finished quick.

Price: €7,50

Facebook page:


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Sadie says:

    Omar is my son, and he has an art for cooking quick and well plated meals.

    Sadie Pasha in America

    1. amsterdamiloveyou1 says:

      best meals in town each monday ;) food made with love always beats anything

    2. Merle says:

      He definitely has an art….but in more than just food! I even have an original PASHA! very proud of my good friend/brother!

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