Canvas op de 7de


What to do when a big company leaves a big
big building behind?
Well there are all sort of solutions however
here in Amsterdam and the Netherlands the smart idea
Is to re-use them.

Thats what they did with the old “volkskrant gebouw”
The recycling of the building has given the opportunity
to all sort of artists from the different walks of the art world
to find a place to gather and design and expose.

Part of this is Canvas op de 7de:

Canvas is located in the former canteen of the Volkskrant,what used to be a place to eat your lunch and discuss journalism is now a booming club, restaurant and exhibition place.

Apart from that you have a great scenic view from Amsterdam.

They have great cocktails and fingerfood and they are one of few around town who serve proper home grown beer from Amsterdam.

Not only do you have expositions ,food and drinks. @ night
the place turns into a disco and party place with a different theme each time so if your not up for food you can also party.

Important data:
Cash round 25 euro gets you around a night
Volkskrant building, 7th floor
Wibautstraat 150
1091GR Amsterdam


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