This one is for the boys as they deserve a treat themselves. The other day  I got invited to “Breakfast at Jeffrey’s” by the fabulous guys from Bon Esprit.

And I must say a Breakfast it was although fashionably late 19 pm nothing beats a champagne breakfast.

This time around I did not find you a Girls Shopping heaven. I found you the ultimate place  to shop or buy a present that is unique for the man you love.

Where are we shopping? Jeffrey West !!

Why? Because it was about time someone would practice the art of building a real shoe not for us girls but for the men because coming to think of it there are not that many places where you can get a proper shoe that is not mainstream if your a guy unless you favor wearing sneakers everyday of your life.

A bit of background story on the owners of this little paradise:

Born and bred in Northampton, the historical centre of the British shoemaking and leather industries, childhood friends Mark Jeffery and Guy West were surrounded by tradition and history from the word go, even more so for Jeffery as his father ran the family owned shoe factory in the town. Perhaps not a surprise therefore that they would go on to become shoe designers, but the fact that they began their first business as 16 year olds, designing and selling their own shoes at markets in Northamptonshire and also at Kensington Market in London.

Overcoming personal loss and a great deal more in 1987 they start what is now known as Jeffrey West.

They offer first of all great craftsmanship and you will not only find shoes no you will also find great accessories for the  gentlemen of today. In all of these they have taken traditional styles and converted them into something for the 21st century gentlemen.


And lets not forget the amazing interior as well worth a little view as well its like a museum in there with great customer service in a great location. As for the shoes pictures will not do them justice go and check it out !!!

Important info:

Cost: 100 euro and up. Be prepared to spend some cash in return for great quality & design.

Location: Runstraat 17 D Amsterdam




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