Open ateliers

20110531-051349.jpgOk so what to do if you are out of cash or bored next week?
Well here is a plan:
Combine some fine art with a sightseeing tour of the Prinseneiland and the jordaan
all for free unless you shop for some art.
See one of my earlier posts on the Prinseneiland.
Check out the OPEN ATELIERS from the westelijke eilanden.

In the sixties artists invaded the western islands  –  prinseneiland as the people and merchants
who used them abandoned them to nature , they still remain here today having their ateliers
open to you next week. Given you an exclusive peak into what they do and enjoy.

The  foundation for this started in 1971 and its still going strong although now on a real professional level.
People come from all parts of Amsterdam and the Netherlands to check it out.
And I must honestly say the sun is always shining never seen one with rain.
It gives you a peak into their most sacred place and you can have a chat with
the artist as well.

It is a discovery of Old Amsterdam and new and known artist alike so if you have nothing better
today please make a round to this corner of Amsterdam and enjoy.

Time & Date :
12 to 18 pm
11-12-13 th of June

Western Islands- Amsterdam

More information on the program- artists and maps (in dutch):

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