I love Vintage…. I lovezz it


I have this thing for old things and houses.
Wouldn’t say that I am crazy about antiques
however I have an innate love of for the roaring
1920’s and the age of pin up.

Also I dont like being like the rest of the world
In other words; vintage it is.

And what better place to shop than at a place that calls itself:
I love vintage

The store located in the city center has given
it’s heart and soul to find the perfect piece for you.
Covering several decades better said the essence of womanhood through the centuries ,they offer both vintage and non vintage (that is as amazing as the vintage).

They have their own brand ILV that offers exclusive designs like beautiful replica’s of those gorgeous robes they used to wear in the 1920’s.

Out of love beautiful things are created and so is this little store build out of the passion of a brother and sister for all things vintage it will be worth your while for its filled with love.

What do they offer:

  • Clothing
  • Accesories
  • Bags
  • Jewellery

And if you can’t make it there is also an online shop with amazing customer service included…. Speaking from own experience.

They have gift cards :)

So where do you find this little gem:
Prinsengracht 201

Opening hours:







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