Haarlemmerstraat I think by now
you guys are becoming familiar with it however thats not because it dont go anywhere it’s because its the place to be for the cool stuff.

The place I want you to know about is Cellarrich its a great little place that has the more original kind of artistic fashion original this is a good place.

The owners make their own handesign purses and wallets
for example all leather with a flair of your old granma’s purse in all size and colours of the rainbow.

And that is not all they also promote the quirky and unknown brands and the fashion.
One main reason for you to drop by: they have vivienne westwood the hero of fashion punk.

Apart from bags you can find amazing jewels,scarfs,quirky japanese stuff,key chains,shoes in other words a fashion Valhalla for girls and a present heaven if you want to give something special and unique.

Anywhere between 5 euro and a few hunderd.
TIP: when its sale leather wallets are half price ;)

Haarlemmerdijk 98












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