I scream YoU scream wE all scream 4 IcE crEam


Summer is fast approaching and we have had loads of days of sun and more to come.
And there is only one thing that can make your day better and that is ice cream.
Then from there it is what kind of Ice Cream; cheap,good ,wonderful taste.
I personally prefer hand made ice cream and a great concept
being the geek that I am with regards to the good stuff.

Well I will be visiting several during this summer as you need to be informed there is one place that always pulls my attention during summer: IJscuypje.

The main reason because it is overly Dutch and yummy and their concept is brilliant for winter as wellhowever more about that later in the year.
Oh yeah and I like the design and logo.

The dutch have a history with dairy products (it’s the key ingredient into
their enormous height) and have been producing and shipping this worldwide.

Their production of ice cream dates back to the 18th century
and who could deny it if there are cows everywhere.
The Ice Cream is made in a traditional ancient secret recipe
dutch style if it is true or not it doesn’t matter its yummy.
The ice cream is  a mix of milk, cream, sugar and other
natural ingredients including nuts and fruits which is then kneaded
in old fashioned ice-creammachinary to below freezing point.
Hence the stout and compact full flavour.

What makes it special and definetly Dutch is the extreme creamy texture :)
With classic as well as contemporary tastes, IJscuypje – which incidentally means ‘a cup of ice’ – playfully winks at this ice-cream tradition of old.
No worries for the lactose intolerant like me there are
some yummy sorbet tastes to die for.

BRING CASH for it is CaSh only !!!

there are several now spread over town due to the huge success:

Prinsengracht 292

Eerste van der Helststraat 27

Haarlemmerdijk 14

Amstelveenseweg 218

Opening hours for all everyday !!!!!


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