Picasso in Paris

The deal with Picasso is you either like him or you don’t.
Whatever the case is no matter what you think you can’t deny
that he is an important part of our vision of art and the change that came with him.
At the beginning of the last century the place to be for the Arts was
the dreamy city of Romance and we all now that is Paris.
It was the center of the Avant-Garde.
The Van Gogh Museum has made a special expo showing you the young Picasso.
From the 18th of February to the 29th of May.
When Picasso was 19 ,like many young dreamers, he arrived in Paris and a whole
new world opened for him. What was the new world? Seeing in real life the paintings
of a few of the greats we now know:
Van Gogh
Along the way taking pieces and inspiration from these artists he started developing his own style.
The exhibition shows the artistic evolution that Picasso made ​​since his arrival in Paris until 1907,
when he had become leader of the French avant-garde.
From his blue period into his pink period and how he developed himself in to the cubism current
which would in itself revolutionize the artistic world as we knew it.
There is a painting from his blue period where he shows his inspiration (clearly van gogh)
and pays hommage to his best friend and one of the million dreamers who never made it:
This is one of the inspirations for me to see this fantastic expo is not only the fact that it is about Picasso
but because of the amazing introduction to Picasso and the painting you see above thanks to Joost Zwagerman
I recommend watching the video (in dutch) to learn more and feel inspired when you walk into the museum.
Extra cool stuff that comes with the expo:
Amsterdam Dance Group dances during Picasso’s Show every Friday night you can see them conducted by Krisztina de Châtel.
The performance is inspired by the paintings that Picasso made ​​in 1905 around the circus theme.
The dance can be seen every Friday night 19.30-20 20.45-21.15 hours in the exhibition space on the first floor.
Note: up to 200 visitors per show.
Tickets for the dance performance can be obtained at the Information Desk from 18 hours on Friday.
It is not possible to reserve tickets.
What more do you need go and check it out:
Location: Paulus Potterstraat 7
Opening hours Museum: daily 10-18 hours, Friday to 22 hours.
Admission Prices
Adults: € 14
0 to 17 years: free.
Museum card: free
ICOM members: free
I Amsterdam Card: Free
Special rates ANWB-members: € 12.50 (on presentation of a valid membership card ANWB). Unfortunately this type of card can not be ordered online.
CJP: € 11.50 (on presentation of valid pass-CJP). This type of card can unfortunately not be ordered online.
City Cardholders: € 7. Unfortunately this type of card can not be ordered online.
Rabobank Europas: € 7. This reduction is only 18 hours starting on Friday at the box office. Holders Europe, Rabobank also a free take along. This type of card is unfortunately not online.
Website: http://www.vangoghmuseum.nl

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