Ok so what do you do on queensday and what is queensday you might ask.
Normally I post stuff on what to do in town but its almost time to see the
wave of orange so I had to make a post of it and tell you some good secrets ;)

So what is it:
Queen’s Day is a national holiday in the Netherlands and the kingdom’s
other constituent countries,Aruba, Curaçao and Sint Maarten, on the 30th April
(or on the 29th if the 30th is a Sunday).

Queen’s Day celebrates the birthday of the Queen
of the Netherlands and is supposed to be a day of national unity and “togetherness”
(Dutch: saamhorigheid). The tradition started on 31 August 1885, on the birthday of Princess
Wilhelmina, later Queen Wilhelmina. Since 1949, after the accession of Queen Juliana,
Queen’s Day is Queen Juliana’s birthday on 30 April. Although Queen Beatrix’s birthday is
on 31 January, she officially celebrates her birthday on 30 April.

Queen’s Day is known for its “freemarket” (Dutch: vrijmarkt) all over the country,
where everybody is allowed to sell things in the streets.

Other activities during Queen’s Day are children’s games, individual musical performances, and music concerts.
The night before Queen’s Day is celebrated too in most cities, and this is called Queen’s Night (Dutch: Koninginnenacht).
The largest celebration of Queen’s Day is in Amsterdam, Queen’s Night in The Hague and Queen’s Dance (Dutch: Koninginnedans) in Rotterdam.

During the celebrations as reference to the colours of the House of Orange-Nassau, people dress in the colour orange, which is sometimes called “orange craze” (Dutch: oranjegekte).
Or in the famous words of my dad: it’s when the half of the netherlands sells their trash to the other half !!!!
However its worth it if you want to know what the dutch really are like I personally think this is the day they let go.


  • If you dont like crowds you should not be anywhere near CS and Dam.
  • If you want free music and dont mind crowds you should be on your way to Museumplein to enjoy a big free concert
  • Bargain its the only time the dutch let go of their cash ;)


However if you want to relax and enjoy yourself than there are two places to be:

  • Anywhere in the jordaan especially near the Noordermarkt its more traditional with small concerts and all sorts of crazy stuff around
  • Vondelpark holds the traditional flea market for kids which is great to just stroll around

All I can say is HAVE FUN and ENJOY !!!!


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