de dierencapel












So your dutch word of today is “kinderboerderij” its a concept
for city children to learn about animals however although there
are many in town.

This is my favorite for two reasons one it is hidden and two its
adorably tiny and run by volunteers.
If you remember one of my posts I told you about the amazing

Today I wanted to focus a bit more on the animal farm in the
hope that someone would like to volunteer or more people drop
by and maybe donate ….. Or hey you feel the need to find your inner
child this is a nice free option ;)

The little farm is located next to the water so from a little visit
to the farm you can go and lay down in the beautiful spring sun
and enjoy the canals and its boats.

Some other nice trivia:

  • There are goats ,sheep,2 piglets,ducks,rabbits,chickens.
  • The farm sells soda,ice screams and eggs.
  • And if you have kids the location holds 15-20 children if you
  • want a small party,activity etc
  • If you want to volunteer even for 2 hours your more than welcome
  • and no knowledge required on animals.


Where to go:

Opening hours
Tuesday to Sunday from 9 am to 17 pm

Bickersgracht 207
1013 LH  Amsterdam

In dutch

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