Fatty food is not healthy but lord once in awhile you need it.
Some proper meat that makes you smile and remind yourself of how good it is.
Like a good hamburger and then you walk past Burger King
or McDonalds; hey we all have free choice.

You get that burger and once you finish you feel bloated and wondering
why on earth you ate a burger that will stay perfect and untouched for
another ten years.

I have a solution for you. Want a proper Burger there are several places in town
this is one of them: Burgermeester !!!!

So what do they offer:
The place was created by three friends from good ol’ Amsterdam who where
looking for good,honest and affordable food.
And I must say they did.

Step 1
Do not fear the queue there is always a queue however its worth the wait so don’t fear

Step 2
Look at the menu and just pick your favourite.
What’s good to know:

  • Big burger or mini burger (if your just have a little craving :) )
  • Fresh bread white or brown
  • Veggie burger available
  • Great Beef or Lamb
  • Monthly Burgers
  • Customers are asked to come up with a burger so think while your in line
  • There are also salads and more


TIP: If you cant decide do what I do. There is an option to have 3 mini burgers pick your choices and enjoy.

My favourite to die for:

Beefburger Royaal

Blonde d’Aquitaine beef,truffel egg, pancetta

Important details:

Opening hours:
Everyday from 12 pm to 23 pm
Don’t wanna stand inline order in advance pick up later:

Prices etc check the website:


Burgermeester in
de pijp

Albert Cuypstraat 48

1072 CV Amsterdam


Burgermeester in
de jordaan

Elandsgracht 130

1016 VB Amsterdam


bij artis

Plantage Kerklaan 37

1018 CV Amsterdam


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