One of the most important things in life for me is not having the same as the rest of the world and I love design.
If your like me I have found a cute little place for you:Restored20110408-084641.jpg

They just renovated the store and opend again.The place is a symbiosis between
,Petra van Roon en Marijke Hukema.
The thing I love about restored is they offer more than just some fun shopping:
They offer a combination of unique products in the line of fashion, interior design,
accesories working with new designers and also adding their own designs to the group.

One of the things I like is the recycle of  products in order to create new products
for which they have found some brilliant designers.

To give you an idea on the designers they support have a look at the links below :

David Derksen

Lisanne Janssen

Halona (Dorine Westra en Babette Leertouwer)

And the list goes on
And they do so much more. You need to make a trip to the store or their webshop to find out more.


How do you get there?
haarlemmerdijk 39
1013 ka amsterdam

Dial & Email

Opening hours



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