Cupcake boutique



Ok so the dutch love sweets and cake.
Specially when its your birthday its treats time.
Working in a office makes it even better as it makes
it cake day ,everyday.

The thing is it gets boring at a point and it brings some challenges with it:

  • Finding plates
  • Knife to cut the cake
  • Fair sizes
There is a great cute solution to all of that which
has been big back in the old USA and finally is starting to
take ground here in the Netherlands: Cupcakes !!!!

Where to get good Cupcakes becomes the next question.
And I’ve got the place for you:
Cupcake Boutique

Homemade cupcakes beautifully decorated in big and mini sizes.
With great tastes like double oreo or double chocolate to kill for.
And perfectly crafted and the taste is heavenly.

What makes them even more perfect is the fact that
serve both for private parties and business ventures.
Some of their big clients include:
  • Heinz
  • Net 5
  • TomTom
Cécile de Lussanet is the owner and I believe she has found her calling.
My pictures of her cupcakes don’t do her justice so please please check out
the website so your eyes can dream.

More information:

2 Comments Add yours

  1. Cecile says:

    Breeann just sended me the link to your blog! Thank you so much for your compliment!!

    1. Felicia says:

      You are more than welcome your cupcakes are amazing !!!!!

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