Zuivere Koffie

I should not even tell you about this spot however,
I cant help myself and need to tell you about this secret location.
For I love it so much !!!!!!

However fair is fair and I promised to share.
This place is hidden on one of the streets that most people have no idea about and is
great for food,drinks and shopping.

What’s so nice about this place and where are we going?

First of all we are going to ” zuivere koffie” and what so special
about it well several things.

For one the architecture:

The windows are beautiful stained glass you can admire.
Than most of the insight itself is made out of wood and the place
has a homey feeling to it.

And then when you walk past the bar especially now its
spring you find the true beauty of it all; there is a small
secret garden.
To enjoy your lunch or amazing drinks -coffee in the sun.


Furthermore there are

  • Great fresh juices.
  • Yummy coffee all the way from thailand.
  • An amazing array of hot and cold paninin’s.
  • Soups and salads.
  • Great fresh home baked cakes
  • and it continues.


The truth is you should just go and have a look yourself and
try out one of the great new recipes they have come up with.


Utrechtsestraat 39
1017 VH Amsterdam

opening hours:

mon-fri 8 am to 17 pm
sat 9 am to 17 pm

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