Sukha Amsterdam

Me and all who where with me are in love with a new store.
Now normally i promote the cheapest way of life but sometimes
in life its worth spending a little money to obtain beauty.
What store are we in love with?

We are in love with Sukha Amsterdam for two reasons :

1 the incredible beauty of the things they create
2 the concept of their store

The concept is like a modern day warehouse however it is filled with
things to purchase which have been made with love,attention and care.
It took Irene Mertens the store owner to take her concept into real life
less than two years making it all even more inspiring.

So what is Sukha?

Sukha means “joy” in Sanskrit, the language of the Buddhist monks in India and Nepal.

The products

The products sold at  Sukha come from India, Nepal, Morocco, Peru, Indonesia and the Netherlands.
All handmade and all fairtrade
DOnt even get me started on the amazing eye for detail in the setup of the store.
Every little thing from postcards to  quilts to clothes its exquisite.
I fear my words don’t do it justice you have to see with your own eyes.

What can you find in the store:

  • Clothing : a great selection of young designers and their own brand.
  • Interior design: to eat your heart out for each piece is unique
  • Sukha accessories and books need I say more.
  • And there are also workshops and trips to enjoy life to the max.


One of my favorite things is that they take old products and recycle them creating
great pieces.

My opinion is wait till the end of the month and spend your cash on something
lasting and build new memories with the old.

For more details please visit the following link (in dutch)

Extra information:

mon 12:00-18:30, tue-sat 10:00-18:30, sun 12:00-17:00


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