Taste of Culture Chinese Claypot Restaurant

Over more than a century ago a men set out from Macau China
and found himself on the otherside of the world marrying a born
free slave and somewhere along the line more than a century later
there is me and my big family. The world works in mysterious ways.
One of the things he passed on through all our generations
is the love of food and chinese customs although few all special.
I love chinese food and due to my heritage not all chinese food seems proper however
I truly believe that this time I may have found a holy grail.
I found this little gem thanks to the girls and I can say that having good company
makes the food even more worth.

The place is hidden in a little side street of leidseplein and it might not catch your.
You walk through a small door and a big typical asian diner style opens.
One of the first things you will notice is that the place is packed with here’s a catch:
chinese. That should tell you that it is proper chinese food.

Taste of Culture: serves proper regional chinese dishes that make your mouth water.
To be honest the cook Lee Gaa Chuu is achieving her purpose of making people fall in love again
with chinese food.

Suggestion go with a group it is the best way to enjoy it !!!

What did we have?
  • Sake loads
  • Fried rice and my favorite char sui
  • Mihoen Singapore
  • Chuan Lak Khe Thie with noodles (a type of spicy aubergines)

Our favorite part of the night the lights went out and the whole restaurant
boomed with music and a bunch of people singing happy birthday in chinese.

If your asking yourself how do I get there no worries here’s the info:


Opening hours:
sun-thu 17 to 1 am
fr-sat 17 to 3 am

020 – 4271136

Korte Leidsedwarsstraat 139-141
1017 PZ Amsterdam




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