It’s all about the beer

Ok so once in awhile you need the proper alcohol and your
tired of going to the good same old pub.
and maybe just maybe you have a bit of a taste for a good beer
and some food.

Well this place is perfect for  you:

What’s good about the place?

The Bekeerde suster belongs to a franchise called the Beiaard.
Their goal keeping beer and the art of brewing alive.
The origin and first desire for a brewery started a while ago
Halfway through the 80 year  of the last century in Hoorn the
Beer Café’s The Carillonstarted .

Gradually followed up with the current offices in Amsterdam and Enschede.
There are different locations in Amsterdam.

Whats nice about the Bekeerde Suster there is a huge variety of beers
and twice a week beer is brewed and there is time for you to smell
look and have a go at a tasting sesion.
Each Month therefore there is a special beer brewed at home on draft ;)

On the same spot where the brewery now is located in the heart of Amsterdam there was
a medieval monastery that was named after Mary Magdalene of Bethany.
It was a a safe house  of virtuous and fallen women. Even in those days they already were brewing at the same location.
Hence the name: de bekeerde suster (the converted nun)

Homegrown beer:
One of their own beers is : Manke Monnik – Tripelbier – alc. 7,2%

The story on their website for Manke Monnik
Talking  about enjoying, if anyone knew how to do that, it was the historic Cripple Monk is (to whom it is named after triple). Little is known about him.
The only thing we know about him is that he lived somewhere in the sixteenth century in what was already bustling Amsterdam, he liked to drink a beer, and that he at some point became limp.
How exactly he became limp, the big question. There are a lot of stories about the round. Thus there is an old-fashioned organ on his leg shattered, he would have been kicked by a Conversion
Lens or Sister, he slipped on the severed tongue of a convicted felon.

What we do know is that Manke Monk was a merry gentleman, who did not so close to his responsibilities as spiritual and chose the cafe above the monastery.
Maybe once or a different city historian discover the true story of how the monk Manke has become limp. Until then, please, while enjoying a monk Triple Cripple, the many colorful stories read on the back of the coasters.
This triple is brewed with pilsner malt, three types of hops, is highly fermented, has a golden yellow color, mild flavor and has an original wort of 18 degrees Plato 7.2% alcohol by volume.

If this doesn’t make you wanna have a go at it I do not know what will.
And I nearly forgot there is also some fantastic food to enjoy what more can you ask for.

All the important data:


Opening hours
mon-thu 12 pm to 1 am
fri-sun 12 pm to 2 am
Kitchen open till 22:30 pm

Location and phone
Kloveniersbrugwal 6
1012 CT

Grotere kaart weergeven


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