sweets at night

First of all I would like to state that me and sweets are not a good package.
Me and anything sour however are a marriage made in heaven.

However who can say no to some orgasmic chocolate especially
after dinner or even better after a bit of partying.
The problem is that in the great city of Amsterdam that becomes a wee bit of a challenge
and not only that:getting proper ice cream is asking for a miracle.

Well have no fear for the: Salone di Pasticceria is here.
The whatta? The salon of pastry that is ,translated from italian.

You stroll out into town and you want sweets this is the place to be my friend
as close as you will get to proper sweets in a place like Amsterdam.
The place is owned by Kees Raat who opend shop in 2009 and ever since the
place is packed.

What’s good about it?
For one the ingredients are top notch all selected and tested by Kees.
Another thing that you might appreciate apart from the amazing taste
is that the milk used is biological coming from local producers in Amsterdam.

  • There is also coffee in all styles to enjoy
  • BonBons
  • The icecream also has amazing challenging taste you haven’t had before like: jack daniels or how about basil and lemon.



The honest truth is if you want to find out what is being offered you should just try
for yourself.
And if you love the taste there are workshops and taste session as well.

Important information for you to get those sweets:

Website in dutch :

Opening hours

mon  t/m  thu        9.00  –  22.00  uur

friday                9.00  –  23.00  uur

saturday             10.00  –  23.00  uur

sunday               10.00  –  21.00  uur


How do I get there?

Warmoesstraat 135
1012 JB Amsterdam
Dial:+31(0)20 330 1955

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