Ok so this thursday once more i spend it in a sacred temple.
You heard me well a sacred temple.

Here is the deal i love music i love dancing the one thing
i dont love listening to it in big ass arena’s with to many
This is why i love this temple and Amsterdam.
By now you might be wondering what i am talking about
so lets cut the chase:

There are two places in amsterdam where you can enjoy
a good concert and one of them is PARADISO.

This place is where you get to go if you want to see a good band
great singer songwriters or dance till the morning comes.
For a little bit of background as to why I called it a temple:

Paradiso used to be a church and the inside is still like it was.
There is an open spot where people can stand and two floors
which chairs where you can sit if you dont wanna stand in the
big pit all in all brilliant.

In other words:The main concert hall in the former church interior
has high ceilings and two balcony rings overlooking the stage area,
with three large illuminated church windows above the stage.
And there are two more small concert halls where smaller bands
can play.

If you want to try PARADISO out go to Noodlanding which is a dance
evening in my opinion Wednesdays are the best.

To give you an idea on all the different types of music and bands who have joined
the holy line at paradiso:
Artists who have recorded or filmed concerts at the Paradiso include The Rolling Stones,
Joy Division, Willie Nelson, Arcade Fire, Nightwish, Bad Brains, Kayak, Loudness,
Nirvana, John Cale, The Cure, Soft Machine, Emilíana Torrini, Jalebee Cartel, Link Wray,
Omar & the Howlers, Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds, Beth Hart, Dayna Kurtz, Dave Matthews,
Smoosh, Suzanne Vega, Amy Winehouse, Fiction Plane, Epica, Editors, Motorpsycho,
Pain of Salvation, Riverside & Live.

Interested check out the agenda at :

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