Cheap drinks

Ok so if you are part of the in crowd in Amsterdam or
you are a student you will have heard about this place.
If not it is about time you do.

This is the place where every student in Amsterdam
goes and those of us who are broke or looking for a cheap drink
and a place that is open till late.

Welcome to :

Dansen bij Jansen
They open every night from 23 pm
till 4 am. The good part in weekends they are open till 5 am.
There is always a DJ and some time to dance.

Dansen bij Jansen has been in town for over 30 years and is
still going strong.
And ideally located in the city center.

It also has a little cafe on the upper floor where if you want
to you are able to host a small party and hang out with your friends.

Wondering how cheap the drinks are: there is monday’s 1 euro beer.
Need i say more.

If you are from Amsterdam check with your parents you will be surprised
how many of them went there in the early days when they were partying like
you do now.

In a way its wrong to be found in the dansen bij jansen however thats what
makes it so attractive.

Need to know more and have a peek yourself:

Dansen bij Jansen
Handboogstraat 11
1012 XM Amsterdam

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