kyoto cafe

Ok so awhile ago i promised to checkout every sushi place in town.
Big task but we will get there.
This saturday as it was my friends bday I tested out a new place
and I must say :awesome. Where did we go you might ask:
Kyoto cafe All you can eat sushi and sing!!!!
We had a reservation for 19:30 however it seems its a
busy place so we had to wait for awhile. 40 min in total.
however that was mostly because we were such a big group.
However let me say the wait was worth it.
It has great tables in a japanese style in blocks however
you are not forced to kneel as the tables have a bit of
extra room below for you. You have to see it for yourself.
Food & drinks
There is no price menu for the drinks however when we got our bill prices where reasonable:
  • 5.50 euro for a hot sake round
  • 4 euro for a pint of heineken
  • 2.95 for cola or ice tea
However drinks of course are not the most important its the food.
First off the food is really varied so if your vegan or you are not in to fish there will be a choice for you ;)
So what’s on the menu and how does it work:
First you select which version you want: Basis €20,80 or Deluxe €25,80 or A la Carte (separate order of the menu)
And then the best part there is no time limit so you sit down and just start eating ;)
As we were a big group we just ordered a bit of everything these where our favorites:
  • Scallop gratin
  • Lambs racks
  • All time favorite Saikoro steak
Sushi wise it all is great however try these:
  • spider roll
  • philly roll
  • kyoto roll
TIP: For parties and birthdays there is a karaoke set however no private room. Yet we are sure some sake will help you there.
Location: Damrak 44 1012 LK Amsterdam
Opening hours: lunch from 12:00 to 16:00 dinner from 17:30 to 23:00.
Call for reservations: 020-6255 302
There is takeaway !!!
More information see:

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