De Pizzabakkers


If you like proper italian food it is time
for you to focus and pay attention !!!

What’s better than proper pizza?
Pizza and prosecco.
The concept is simple:
Take a big stone oven
Real REAL italian ingredients
A girl’s favorite drink: prosecco
and she is sold like the rest of the neighbourhood.

Pizzabakkers have brought a bit of proper italian
pizza to the cold Netherlands.

What’s so great ?
It really is proper italian style pizza using as much
fresh and regional ingredients as possible.

What makes it even better?
For those days that you dont wanna do
anything and can not be bothered to cook?
Pick up a pizza at the pizzabakkers it beats
domino’s and newyork anytime

You can also just eat at the pizzabakkers
and go out for a night. Before catching a movie
at “The movies”.

And no there are not only pizza’s on the menu.
There are anti-pasti,sandwiches,salads etc
All italian of course.

If you wanna eat in the evening make a reservation
specially weekends ;)

Want to know more:

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