Chique de friemel

If you dont get the word no worries it means you are still young.

Here’s the thing about vintage its partially your childhood memories
and partially part of a world you wanna live in.

However sometimes its cool to have some old skool stuff in the house
for the memories or just cuz you want to be different.
Here’s the deal old people’s junk are called: Vintage and sold
for a high price .

But not at Chique de Friemel. The owner loves this stuff
and goes around collecting them on flea markets all around
and repairs what is required.

You can find all sorts of things toys,cookie jars,chairs
and my all time favorite amazing old skool lamps.

And yes there is a whole lot of junk the trick
is finding your own little treasure.

Make a little visit and if you just drop by and its closed
just leave a little note in the mail and he will reserve it for you
for 1 week ;)

Haarlemmerdijk 172
1013 JK Amsterdam



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