As you might have figured out i love me some japanese food.
However i also like fastfood , delivery and take away.

My favourite place in town is called Wagamama.
they opened their doors in 1992 in London and
since then there are over 90 Wagamama’s around the globe.

It takes the typical idea of the japanese Ramen bars
where you all sit together at a table and food is served
but then with a twist offering more than Ramen.
If you have no clue what I am talking about
check the link below:

I am all in favor of healthy yummy food and
some good sake which my friend Isabel has
gotten me hooked on and who can not be happy
when you have good food and sake.

Not only is the food nice ,if you become a member
on their webpage you also get discount coupons.
And as they say in dutch:
” alle kleine beetjes helpen “

What does the menu offer?

  • There is Ramen which you by now have learned all about.
  • Kare which are curry’s in this case coconut based noodle
  • soup which the japanese love.
  • Rice dishes
  • Teppan noodles
  • Fish,beef,chicken and vegan all available

My favourite :
for the beautifull price of 11.25
yasai cha han
stir-fried rice with fried tofu, egg, snow peas,
shiitake and white mushrooms, sweetcorn
and spring onions.
served with a bowl of miso soup and pickles

Tip of the day
The green tea in this case “japanese sencha”
is for free .

Locations & opening hours
max euweplein 10
1017 mb
sun-thu : 12.00-22.00 fri-sat : 12.00-23.00

amsterdam, station zuid / wtc

zuidplein 12
1077 XV
mon-fri : 11.30-21.00 sat -sun : 17.00-21.00

Coming soon: Rembrandtplein

More info:

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