The Sand your indoor beach

Ok so it is winter we are all bored to death
and the storm that is having fun since friday
is a bit over the top.
Where is a beach when you need one?
I have got you a beach :
The sand is a complex that does business events, nightlife
and beachsport.
I’m here to talk about the beach sport.
You can play beach sports at the Sand the whole week
renting a field is not that expensive and is a fun night
out with friends or collegues.

Just be ready for some fun and competition,probably
some bruising and most likely sand just like if you have
been on the beach.
By beachsports we mean beachvolley and footvolley.
Just have fun with it.
There are also classes and trainings
you can attend  if you are on the
lookout for a new sport.
Renting a field is not so expensive
and its totally worth escaping with a bunch
of your mates and walk in shorts
and flipflops pretending winter never came ;)
And most importantly  if you are at the beach you do  need some:
Snacks and drinks are available at the bar.
COST for a beachtrip
Prices per field
Monday to Friday  beachvolley & footvolley – € 25,-* / Beachsoccer – € 30,-*
Saturday and Sunday  beachvolley & footvolley – € 37,50* / Beachsoccer – € 40,-*
* Mentioned prices are per field and per hour.
* Per field one volleyball or beach-soccer ball will be provided.
Rental of fields
You can rent a field from:
– Monday to Friday 10.00 to 23.00,
– and on Friday  10.00 to 17.00 .
– Saturday between 10.00 en 17.00
– and on Sunday 12.00 – 22.00Extra
– In weekends there is a minimum quota of at least 2 hours per field
– reservations are possible till Friday at 17 pm

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