Wynand Fockink

When I think of Amsterdam I never think of a City
but about a little village with secret hidden places at each corner.
And so is our newest little gem
This little place is a great stop on a friday or to take you friends from
other countries to get a taste of a typical dutch beverage.
In the middle of the city center in a small side street you will 
find the tasting room of Wynand Focking.
Who started his little business in 1679 making it
one of the oldest distillery’s in town.
The whole place is still furnished in the style of the
17th century which makes it a tiny yet warm welcome spot to drop by.Wynand Focking specializes in ; liquers and jenevers.
Which of course where tested by yours truly:
  • Passion fruit (my favourite)
  • Hazelnut (quite nutty and less sweet than Frangelico)
  • Hemeltje (the perfect combination almond with a tiny splash of anis)
  • Goudvisje (perfect combo of vanilla and brown rum)
 The method of trying this out is brilliant fun.
Your shot will be filled to the top so in order to lift it;
the proper way is to slurp your first sip bending over at the bar .
And yes there is also beer available ;)
The choices of liquor are a combination of today’s taste and the old school versions
of what was brewed in these past three centuries all typical dutch.
They do not only have a tasting room.
There is also: a liquor store a distillery workshops & tasting sessions
So where is our little gem?
Location: Pijlsteeg 31 & 43 1012 HH Amsterdam
Costs    2.50 euro per shot ,18 euro for a tall bottle and 11 euro for a small bottle 
More information
Checkout their website for information on the workshops & tastings and contact details.

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  1. Matt green says:

    This is the gin bar!

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