Best Vlaamse Frieten in town

Hi everyone I am back had the worst flue ever the last two weeks however
doing a bit better so here is some yummy stuff to start the weekend.
So one thing you need to know about the dutch they love their potatoes.
Anyway you can imagine: mashed,fried,boiled etc.
Fast food culture like mc donalds,kfc,burger king and so on is really not
part of our culture its only in the past 10 years that it really started apppearing
all over Amsterdam and still in the outskirts of the Netherlands you won’t find them.
Because we have our own fastfood version: snackbars and friet !!!
These offer you all sorts of snacks but most important of all friet.
So the belgians are really good at proper fries we call them “vlaamse friet”.
Oh and fries are real slices of potato fried not some mix of crap like at Mc Donalds.
I would hereby like to introduce you to the only place where you can get the
best fresh fries and approved by my belgian friends.
Vleminckx Vlaamse friet
Basically the place is a whole in the wall on the side of the street and if you have no idea
you will walk by or wonder why the hell there is a line going from corner to corner.
They have been operating since 1887 and been in this spot since 1958 and whatever
they are doing its good and you need to try it at least once.
 So this 17 pm on a Saturday in the rain and as you can see the line goes on and on.
What’s so special?
The long, thick slices of potato (cut on the premises) are fried twice to ensure they are soft and crumbly on the inside and crispy and golden on the outside.
The sauces they over are the best in town and original flemish.
And the best I have saved for last:
It’s in the middle of the city center in between your shopping spree
What you should now:
Voetboogstraat 31


They sell two sizes, one for €2.25 and the larger one (called a medium) for €2.75.

Opening times:

They are only open from 11am to 6pm (from noon to 5:30 on Sundays)
And yes there is always a queue from all the locals. But so worth it.

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