New year cheap dinner

Happy new year !!!!! May all your wishes come true.

1st of January means new year, new resolutions and the
fact that you and the rest of the world just started the worst
month of the year as you are flat broke (if your not; lucky you!!!).

However you cant let something like being a bit broke
spoil the fun so although you ate loads on thanksgiving,
xmas and new year. There should always be time to go out
and have a little bite with friends.

And I have just the spot for you whether it be lunch or dinner;
this place has a few typical dutch basics and more.

So what is this place?
Its a students favourite in Amsterdam however its great for everyone
for a quick stop during your shopping spree or for a day out and a cheap dinner.
They have been serving food since 1975  spareribs,steaks,sate you name it.
Quick yummy and cheap.

The best a standard all inclusive meal for 7.95 euro my fav.
Peppersteak with fries,salad and coleslaw. Its a bargain and a big plate.

Its a nice cozy busy place so its best if you do make a reservation
if you are going in the evening .

What do you need to know?


Opening hours:
11am-24 pm
Except on sunday  13-23 pm

Perfectly in the city center:
Voetboogstraat 10-12


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