Amsterdam is famous for its canals and whether
the sun is shining or its a beautiful clear winter
Don’t we all wish we could just sail away.
Unfortunately unless your posh,rich or have some awesome friends
who have a boat you will be going nowhere :(
Well here I am to safe your day and for free …..
Did you know that in order to move around town the public transport
of Amsterdam ( GVB ) has several ferries that take you all over.
You can make a lovely trip on het  “IJ” in several directions to the North
of Amsterdam and  enjoy all sorts of views and even turn it into a little
trip around town.
The ferries of Amsterdam have been around for over a 100 years.
All for free taking your from one side to the other for free.
A really nice trip to take is : the ferry that takes you to the NDSM werf.
On your way you will even see a submarine and you can go back and
forth a few times or switch ferries and go from NDSM to another part of the north.
Also once your on the NDSM werf there is a lot of nice places to hang out for awhile.
See also the link below:
For the timetables and the different ferries just have a look at the link below:

Coming soon:

A full tour using the ferry and visiting some hotspots !!!!!!!


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