Got a secret can you keep it?

Today we will be looking at a secret little spot;
that loads of people have no idea about yet is so worth a visit.

Learned about this great spot from a great photographer named : Madison Gerritsen. Thanks Madison ;)

The cool thing about this place that is so much you can do:
  • great photoshoot location
  • great for taken just pictures
  • having a nice walk close to the water
  • feel the breeze
  • sit down and relax
  • take a swim in summer
  • take your dog for a run as it comes with a field
  • fishing

The secret:
Near the westerdok there is an awesome downtrodden dock that has public access.

You access it through a small iron gate.
Once you cross the gate there is a massive
green field size of a football field.
Then once you cross it and stroll down you
get to the sand and dock.
 So how do you get there?
I have a littlepart of the map of amsterdam just find your way
to: “silodam” or “barentzplein”.
Below is a big map: X marks the spot.
 HAVE FUN  !!!


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